Racingbros Low Friction Fork Seal Kit 32mm


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Racingbros low friction gaskets give your suspension fork an incredibly low breakaway torque, which improves the fork’s responsiveness. This is made possible by adding MOS2, graphite and PTFE to the Lycran material.



Scraper set for all FOX, RockShox and Specialized AFR 32mm with or without flange

Racingbros Seals offer the following improvements.

  • More performance at a better price
  • Low breakaway torque
  • Dust wiper and oil seal in one
  • Withstands a system pressure of up to 20kg / cm²
  • Absolutely waterproof and UV resistant
  • Working temperature from -25 ° – 80 ° Celsius

These seals fit the following fork models with 32mm stanchions without flange:

FOX 32, FOX 32 VAN, FOX 32 VANILLA RL, FOX 32 VAN VANILLA RLC, FOX 32 Float, FOX 32 Float CTD, FOX 32 Float 29, FOX 32 Float RL, FOX 32 Float RLC, FOX 32 Talas, FOX 32 Talas RL , FOX 32 Talas CTD, FOX 32 Talas 180, Rock Shox Boxxer 2006-2009, Rock Shox Revelation, Rock Shox Revelation rl, Rock Shox Revelation rlt, Rock Shox Sektor, Rock Shox Reba, Rock Shox Pike, Specialized AFR

can also be used for the following additional fork:

X-Fusion Velvet, X-Fusion Velvet RL, X-Fusion Velor, X-Fusion Velor RL


32mm Seals:
2 x 32mm Seals
2 x Foam rings
2 x Crush washers

32mm No Flange Seals:
2 x 32mm Seals
2 x Foam rings
2 x Crush washers

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32mm Compatibility

FOX 32 Float
FOX 32 Float CTD
FOX 32 Float 29
FOX 32 Float RL /RLC
FOX 32 Talas
FOX 32 Talas RL
FOX 32 Talas CTD
FOX 32 Talas 180
Rock Shox Boxxer 2006-2009
Rock Shox Revelation
Rock Shox Revelation rl /rlt
Rock Shox Sektor
Rock Shox Reba
Rock Shox Pike
X-Fusion Velvet
X-Fusion Velvet RL
X-Fusion Velour
X-Fusion Velour RL
Magura Laurin
Magura Menja
Magura Odur
Magura Durin
Magura TS8
Magura TS6
Magura TS4
Manitou Drake
Manitou Tower
Manitou Minute
Manitou Marvel
Manitou Circus
Manitou Machete

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